A traditional Straight Corn Whiskey, Mellow Corn is enjoying a comeback throughout the country as today’s sophisticated American whiskey consumer re-discovers classic whiskey styles.
• Mellow Corn is produced according to strict government regulations dictating what can be called a Straight Corn Whiskey—a minimum of 80% corn in the mash bill, no flavoring, coloring or blending additives, and aging in used, charred white oak barrels.
• Mellow Corn is a superb example of classic American Straight Corn Whiskey, a predecessor to Bourbon distributed nationally only by Heaven Hill Distilleries
• Mellow Corn is being rediscovered by a new generation of mixologists and whiskey aficionados who are seeking out authentic and unique spirits to discover and enjoy.

ABV: 50%

Country of Origin: USA

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6 Bottles/Case (750ml/Bottles)


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