Vietnam: Following a successful venture into outer space with the first ‘Venture Beyond’ global brand thematic in 2022, Penfolds is now delving into the world of deep-sea exploration with the launch of its second global thematic – ‘Venture Beyond 2023’. This undiscovered territory opens a new world of playful experiences and immersive activations, designed to engage and ignite the imagination of luxury consumers around the world.

Penfolds Chief Marketing Officer, Kristy Keyte said, “We are proud to unveil our new global thematic ‘Venture Beyond 2023’ to the world. Driven by self-belief and pioneers by nature, Penfolds continues to journey into the unknown, looking beneath the surface to explore the depths of possibility. Our latest venture into the deep sea is a testament to this, allowing us to activate our brand values and DNA in unexpected, creative, and consistent ways across global platforms.”

The launch of ‘Venture Beyond 2023’ includes the release of special edition packaging for select Penfolds wines. Bin 389 Cabernet Shiraz 2021, Bin 28 Shiraz 2021, and Penfolds Max’s range will all be available in packaging featuring marine artwork and lean into themes of oceanic discovery. As part of Penfolds focus on sustainability, the special edition ‘Venture Beyond 2023’ packaging of Penfolds Max’s range is fully recyclable and packaging for Penfolds Bin 389 Cabernet Shiraz 2021 and Bin 28 Shiraz 2021 is made using 75% recycled materials.

To bring the underwater thematic to life, Melbourne-based interdisciplinary digital artist Mikaela Stafford interpreted the Venture Beyond concept with a mindset of playfulness and discovery, using her refined skills in 3D motion graphics and modeling. Her powerful artwork will leverage themes centered around marine exploration, daring to go where other wine brands have never gone before. Developed in partnership with Manchester-based creative agency LOVE, ‘Venture Beyond 2023’ is an omnichannel global execution with touchpoints including packaging, point of sale, digital, experiential, and events.

Reflecting on the new thematic, Mikaela Stafford said, “The core of what my work is about is exploring the intersection between technology and nature, trying to find ways to harmonize the tension between the two. With the concept being ‘Venture Beyond’, I wanted to create a place that felt like it was very discoverable. Every time you look at it, you notice something different – something that feels familiar but also unfamiliar at the same time.”

Penfolds ‘Venture Beyond 2023’ is now available at select retailers nationwide. Visit or for more information.

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