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Evan Williams

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Our products of Evan Williams :

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    Evan Williams White label is our signature 100 proof, Bottled-in-Bond Bourbon. To be labeled as Bottled-in-Bond, a spirit must be the product of one distillation season and one distiller at one distillery, bottled at 100 proof and aged for at least four years under U.S. government supervision.

    Evan Williams White is bold and full-flavored, with all of the kick that you would expect from a 100 proof Bourbon without sacrificing any of the smoothness. Perfect in a classic cocktail, as well as neat or on the rocks.

    ABV: 50%

    Country of Origin: USA

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    It is only right that we blend our smooth Bourbon with one of America’s most iconic flavors.

    Evan Williams Cherry combines classic cherry flavor with Kentucky Straight Bourbon to create a sweet, delicious blend that is full of maraschino cherry goodness. Enjoy it chilled over ice, mixed with cola, or as a shot when you’re toasting with friends. It’s a sure fire way to up your flavor game.

    Smooth Bourbon with a cherry zing. Thats how we like our Cherries in Kentucky.

    ABV: 35%

    Country of Origin: USA

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    This is the shot that’s got everyone buzzing.

    Meet Evan Williams Honey. This 70 Proof golden amber flavored Bourbon combines the smoothness of Evan Williams Straight Kentucky Bourbon with the sweetness of natural honey flavor. But more importantly, it tastes seriously good.

    Honey is perfect for doing a round of shots with friends, simply chilled over ice or mixed with ginger ale, iced tea, or cola. It’s smooth like Evan, but sweet like honey. So go on, give it a shot.

    ABV: 35%

    Country of Origin: USA

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    Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage Bourbon is a five-time Whiskey of the Year award winner. Each year our Master Distiller selects barrels that meet his exacting standards. It’s a bourbon that is vintage dated, meaning each bottle is marked with the vintage date it was put into oak, along with the year it was bottled and the exact serial number of the single barrel that the Bourbon was drawn from.
    Careful handcrafting and many years in the barrel result in our most premium and decorated Bourbon.

    ABV: 43.3%

    Country of Origin: USA

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    Evan Williams is a smooth, easy to drink Bourbon named after Evan Williams who, in 1783, opened Kentucky’s first commercial distillery along the banks of the Ohio River. Many years and barrels later, we’re still producing Bourbon with the same time-honored methods that Evan Williams did years ago.
    Today, Evan Williams is the second largest selling Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky in the US and the world, distilled just a few blocks from the site where Evan himself built his distillery.
    Evan Williams Black is 86 proof and aged far longer than we are required to by law. That proof and age leads to a Bourbon that we are proud of, made our way, and that is always rich, smooth, and full of character.

    ABV: 43%

    Country of Origin: USA