Demonio De Los Andes - Quebranta

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    PISCO is the wine spirit from Peru and has always belonged to the cultural patrimony of Peru. It is the result of the distillation of alcohols obtained after the exclusive fermentation of the ripe grapes, according to traditional methods
    PISCO DEMONIO DE LOS ANDES QUEBRANTA ismade with the finest and most exclusive selection of
    Quebranta grapes from 120 year-old vineyards, Pisco’s grape par excellence. Balanced, delicious flavor and blond air-cured tobacco aromas.
    PISCO Demonio de los Andes has a very refined and flavoury taste. It is elaborated by the VINA TACAMA company, in the Ica region
    PISCO is produced in the Pisco valleys situated south of Lima, between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes, area with an ideal warm and dry weather, irrigated by the melting of the snow coming from the Cordillera.
    ABV: 42.5%
    Country of Origin: Peru