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    Staying true to the brand’s legacy is evident in decisions made today.
    In 2004 Grolsch opened the new world class brewery. The brew masters insisted on using the same water that brewed their world famous lager. So they developed a 7km long pipeline in order to use water from the same well and ensure taste consistency. The brewery recycles 99% of all incoming materials, making it the most environmentally friendly brewery in the world. It’s immediately recognizable is that of a bold, hoppy flavour. Four centuries of craftmanship as resulted in a meticulous, full-bodied beer.
    Grolsch has served multiple awards and is served in more than 70 countries world wide. Four centuries of Dutch brewing artistry resulted in a premium pilsner with REAL SUBSTANCE: A beer with not one but two hops: Magnum and Emerald added at two specific times in the brewing process (late hopping), along with a final flourish of Dutch Aroma Malt. The result is a pilsner with more depth of taste.

    INGREDIENTS: An all natural beer brewed for over 400 years for a full flavoured, more sustainable taste.

    ABV: 5,0%

    Country of Origin: Holland